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Low Income Housing In Boston, Massachussetts

Boston Low Income HousingBoston's median home price is a robust $355,700, considerably higher than the national average of $188,800. However, Boston has developed a large number of affordable and low income housing programs for residents to consider.

The Metropolitan Boston Housing Partnership actively promotes housing options for low-income families, homeless, elderly and disabled residents.  Boston's Housing Choice Voucher program (HUD Section 8 Housing) provides federally funded rental assistance for low-income families, with priority given to victims of domestic violence.

Other public housing options include wheelchair accessible housing, rental property for elderly and disabled residents over 60, and housing for grandparents over 60 who have legal custody of grandchildren. Residents of Boston's public housing pay just 30% of their total household income for rent with the remaining amount subsidized.  Information and applications are available on Boston's Housing Authority (BHA) web site at www.bostonhousing.org.

Financial assistance is available for first-time home buyers through the Boston Home Center.  Programs include help with downpayment and closing costs up to 3% of the puchase price, $15,000 or $25,000 toward the puchase of foreclosed properties, up to $50,000 for rehabilitation of foreclosed properties, and up to $65,000 for the purchase of and repair to foreclosed properties.  All properties are located within specified Boston  neighborhoods.

Potential buyers must complete an eight-hour home buyers course called Homebuying 101 and have household income at or below Boston's area median income (AMI).  The AMI requirement is not Boston's requirement but a guideline established by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). 

More information on Boston's low income housing programs and homebuying incentives, along with downloadable PDF applications, are available at www.cityofboston.gov. There you can also download a "Good Neighbors Handbook" resource guide full of excellent rental housing information.


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