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Low Income Housing In Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston, SC Low Income HousingSince the 1980's, the city of Charleston has actively engaged in community projects to create affordable housing for low- and moderate-income families as well as the homeless.  Known today as The Coalition on Housing and Homelessness, the City has sponsored fundraising efforts, created trust funds and participated in the development of affordable housing special exemption ordinances to create affordable housing for all.

harleston boasts a moderate population of 120,083 with an equally moderate median home price of $198,100, just slightly above the national average of $188,800.  Yet, city leaders remain focused on helping low income citizens secure a decent, affordable place to live. Through Charleston's Department of Housing and Community Development, the City's Housing Initiative (HI) includes the Housing Rehabilitation program, designed to improve homes in designated areas of the City. 

This program allows the city to acquire blighted properties through eminent domain and transfer the properties to nonprofit housing developers who will develop and sell them to eligible low- and moderate-income homebuyers.

In addition, the Capital Projects Housing Division offers deferred loan programs to qualifying homeowners. These neighborhood revitalization programs are funded by grants, state and federal funds, and money from private lenders.  Additional financial support is provided to homebuyers through Charleston's Lowcountry Housing Trust, again funded by local, state, federal and private donors. Buyers with income at or below 80% of Charleston's  area median income (AMI) can receive zero or low-interest loans through its Home Buyer Assistance Program. 

More information on Charleston's Lowcountry Housing Trust program is available at www.lowcountryhousingtrust.org.  Additional information on all of Charleston's affordable housing programs for low income and moderate income residents can be found on Charleston's official city web site at www.charleston-sc.org.


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