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Low Income Housing In Denver, Colorado

Denver Low Income HousingThe Denver Housing Authority provides affordable housing to more than 26,000 very low-, low-, and middle-income residents, helping more than 10,000 families find homes. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)  Section 8 Housing is available to qualifying families who pay only 30% of their adjusted income towards rent; the rest is subsidized.  DHA owns more than 3800 conventional low- rent public housing units throughout Denver.

Since demand is higher than inventory, qualifying residents can enter a lottery, held for two days twice a year, and if their name is drawn can begin the application process.  Available homes include rowhomes, single family, and high rises for the elderly and disabled.  

Privately-owned apartment complexes are also available as multi-family HUD assisted housing units with different eligibility requirements and application procedures but accomplish the same goal, to provide affordable housing to low-income residents.  DHA manages over 600 of these throughout Denver. 

Through a federal subsidy (HUD) called the Low Income Housing Tax Credit program (LIHTC), Denver has been able to finance the Thomas Bean Towers building designed for residents age 50+ and for the disabled who qualify as low-income households.  In addition, Globeville Townhouses provide 2 and 3 bedroom rental townhouses designed to resemble historic homes of years gone by. 

Through the Colorado Housing Assistance Program, buyers with incomes not exceeding 80% of Denver's area median income (AMI) by household size can receive financial assistance to buy a home. It can include a  loan amount of 6% of the purchase price up to $10,000 at 2% interest rate, or a five-year deferred loan at 6% interest rate.   More details on qualifications can be viewed at www.coloradohousingassistance.org

Read about all of Denver's affordable and low income housing programs at www.denverhousing.org

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