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Low Income Housing In Louisville, Kentucky

Louisville Low Income HousingFederally-subsidized public housing for low-income residents is not a new concept but dates back to the National Recovery Act of 1933 under Roosevelt's administration during the Great Depression.  Known then as the Public Housing Program, it provided federal funds for low-cost housing.

Since then, city housing authorities sprang up to manage housing programs and allocate federal funds in a manner that best serves their communities.  The Louisville Metro Housing Authority (LMHA) helps over 3500 qualifying low-income families lease or purchase a home they can afford. 

Louisville's affordable and low income housing programs include a number of LMHA-owned public housing sites for rent, and U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Section 8 federally-subsidized properties that are privately owned and available to low-income families, the elderly and the disabled.  Under the Section 8 program, qualifying individuals and families are required to pay only 30% of their adjusted gross monthly income toward rent and utilities; federal funding pays the rest.  In addition, the HOPE VI housing program enables Louisville to use federal grant money for creating revitalized neighborhoods that include new homes, townhouses and apartments that are affordable for low-income families. 

Another alternative of Section 8 housing is the Homeownership Program that gives low-income residents an opportunity to buy their own home.  Under this program, first-time homebuyers with incomes at or below $14,500 can apply their Section 8 housing subsidy toward a mortgage instead of rent.  The assistance continues for 15 years on a mortgage of 20 years or more.   

Go to www.lmha1.org for complete details, contact and application information.

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