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New York City (Bronx) Is Providing Affordable Housing for Seniors - Shouldn't All Cities Do This??

Affordable housing is always a challenge in the city of New York. For seniors, it's not only a matter of providing affordable housing, but also locating seniors close to health care and other services they depend upon.

City and state agencies in the Bronx are addressing this need with a new project, estimated to be completed in 2014, that will create two new adjoining buildings that will contain a total of 180 apartments for senior citizens. A combination of one- and two-bedroom units will help serve the needs of low-income seniors age 62 and older.

The buildings are called the Woodlands and Council Tower VII. Two similar housing properties are located next door that are managed by the Metropolitan Council for Jewish Poverty. The decision to locate the new properties close by is to enable more seniors to receive needed services.

The apartments are new and modern and designed with plenty of space for seniors to socialize with other seniors. Applications for the new housing will begin next summer, close to the scheduled completion dates. Residents whose annual income is $30,000 or less per year qualify for the program.

The project is funded by city and state agencies and Met Council, a large non-profit organization helping more than 100,000 low-income residents of New York. 

For more information, visit www.metcouncil.org

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