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About Us

The National Low Income Housing Authority (NLIHA) is an online national resource dedicated to helping individuals and families find low income housing, apartments, shelters, and more. Via our web site, we aim to provide answers to frequently asked questions, and provide a comprehensive and updated database of actual low income properties available to live in.

Our existence was inspired by the recent economic meltdown in the United States that has created financial difficulties for many, and has drastically increased the number of unemployed and low income individuals and families. Our goal is to become a source of encouragement, motivation, and information to such ones who are unaware of what to do and what options are available for them.

In the long term, our mission is to be even more of a resource by offering more valuable tips, suggestions, and tools to assist individuals and families who are in need.

Those who have any questions, comments or suggestions should not hesitate to contact us directly.