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Low Income Housing FAQs

Below are the top questions and answers pertaining to low income housing, apartments, shelters and more:

Do I qualify for assistance if I haven't filed an income tax return?
Generally, if you and your spouse (if any) have not filed a state and federal income tax return, you are not eligible for any assistance from any government agencies.

What if my household income changes?
If your household income increases while you're receiving assistance from a government agency, you are required to report this. If not, you could be held liable for fraud.

Do I have to be unemployed to qualify for low income housing?
No, you do not have to be unemployed, but your total household income can not exceed the minimal amount that your state or city requires.

How long will I be able to live in the home?
Generally, there is no limit to how long can you take advantage of low income housing. However, how long you can dwell in the actual home you live in depends on the leasing or rental agreement that you signed and whether the landlord decides to renew it.

Are there any restrictions regarding qualifications for low income housing?
Qualifying for low income housing depends greatly on your household income. Generally, as long as your income is below the requirement, and you are being truthful in all other regards, there are no restrictions.

Which states have low income housing programs?
Every state (including Hawaii and Alaska) have low income housing programs. You should either search online or inquire at your local government offices.

Is it true that all low income housing properties are located in less desirable areas?
This may be the case for many properties, but it really depends. Many homeowners in very desirable areas are making their homes available for rent to Section 8 residents.

Can I be evicted from a low income housing property?
Yes, you can. Whatever you are required to pay each month, you should pay it or you can be legally removed from the property.