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Welcome to the Low Income Housing Online Resource and Blog! We help empower and educate low income families by promoting relevant news, developments, and other valuable resources that can be of assistance. Check out our latest posts below:

Tips for Successfully Shopping at a Thrift Store


Tips for Successfully Shopping at a Thrift Store

Some folks think that thrift stores sell secondhand items nobody wants. While it may look like that initially, the deeper you delve into a shop, the more you realize the possibilities. Use these tips for successfully shopping at a thrift store to make your buck go the distance.

Mistakes To Avoid When Buying a Used Car


Mistakes To Avoid When Buying a Used Car

Shopping for a new car is stressful, especially if funds are tight. Unfortunately, sometimes cars break down or become too expensive to fix, and that means they need replacing. Here are the most common mistakes people make when buying a used car so you can avoid them.

How To Throw the Best Quinceañera on a Budget

Becoming a woman is a young girl’s most memorable moment. Many civilizations worldwide celebrate this coming of age, and in Mexican culture, we do this with the popular quinceañera. You will be hard-pressed to find a Mexican girl below the age of 15 who can’t wait for that special day when they feel like la princesa. Every girl who wants this should be able to have it; this is how to throw the best quinceañera on a budget.

5 Intelligent and Simple Ways To Save Money


5 Intelligent and Simple Ways To Save Money

We all need some help sometimes when handling and saving money. Fortunately, there are simple and intelligent ways you can save money that will get you closer to your goals. Sometimes it can be a little complicated, but it’s always possible. It will make a difference when you create a routine and change the way you see your money. Keep reading to learn the best options and tips to handle your savings.

Side Hustles for Car Owners That Pay Well

Sometimes, a full-time job isn’t enough to pay the monthly bills. Many people have an extra gig to help make ends meet. If you’re looking for a side hustle and own a car, check out these gigs that pay well and let you work on your own schedule.

Benefits of Raising a Family in a Small House

Living in a small home does not mean you are lacking in the rudimentary things that make a space feel comfortable and safe. When it comes to the benefits of raising a family in a small house, it is all about how you use the space you have to deliver the most gratifying results. Hopefully, these advantages help clarify how useful having a smaller home can be for you.

Helpful Resources:

Top Low Income Housing Programs, Organizations and Government Agencies:
There are many helpful resources that provide the best assistance for families looking to find and qualify for low income and affordable housing options. These include the U.S. Dept of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), the Federal Housing Finance Agency, the National Low Income Housing Coalition (NLIHC), the National Low Income Housing Institute (LIHI), the USAC Lifeline Program, and more. [Learn More...]

Interesting Facts & Statistics About Low Income Housing:
According to reports by the Urban Institute, 25% - 40% of all low-income families in the United States experience hardships related to food and housing. This translates into millions of families with approximately 19 million children who need to be assisted. For this reason, the term "low income housing" or even "affordable housing" is used to describe housing and apartments that are within financial reach to individuals and families with low annual household incomes. [Learn More...]

How to Deal With an Eviction:
An eviction is the formal process used by a landlord to remove a tenant from a rental property. A landlord can file for an eviction over nonpayment of rent, a violation of the lease agreement, severe damage to the property, or if a tenant refuses to vacate the premises once the lease agreement is up. Every state has its own laws governing how and when a landlord can evict a tenant. Before a landlord can file for a court-ordered eviction, he or she must first give the tenant official notice to vacate the unit. [Learn More...]

How to Deal With a Foreclosure:
Foreclosure is the formal process used by a mortgage company to force the sale of a property to repay the loan. When a home owner is not making the loan payments and it moves into a default status, the lender may begin proceedings to repossess the property. In lay terms, that means to take back the property and resell it to get their money back. This, of course, can be a very stressful time for the homeowner. Foreclosure procedures are different in every state. [Learn More...]

How to Apply For EBT (Food Stamps):
The federal food stamp program, now called the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), is one of many programs provided by the federal government welfare benefit system designed to assist low-income families. The SNAP program assists low-income families with buying the food necessary for good health and nutrition. Traditionally food stamps were issued in the form of paper coupons, but this tangible form of food stamps has been replaced by the EBT system (Electronic Benefit Transfer) which works very similar to a bank debit card. [Learn More...]