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$100 Million Low-Income Housing Project Coming to Downtown San Diego

San Diego Low Income Housing Project

The San Diego City Council recently approved plans to build two low-income housing projects that will add an additional 272 rental units to downtown San Diego.

One project is to remodel the 94-year-old, historic Hotel Churchill. The seven-story building has been closed for eight years. The new housing project will convert the building into 67 apartments for low-income individuals and families. It is scheduled to open in 2015.

The second project called Atmosphere will be a 12-story, mixed use property. The new modern and contemporary building will include 205 apartments for low- and moderate-income families. An additional 41 units will be reserved for the formerly homeless and for citizens who have special needs.

The two low-income, affordable housing projects are being funded by grants, proceeds from housing fees paid by commercial developers, and loans. Downtown is a prime focal point due to the older citizens and homeless concentrated in that area.

In November 2001, the City of San Diego assembled the Comprehensive Affordable Housing Strategy Collaborative, which consists of the Redevelopment Agency, and the San Diego Housing Commission. The collaborative was formed to work together to make the best use of their combined resources.

For more information, visit www.sandiego.gov/redevelopment-agency/ah.shtml

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