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Top 10 U.S. Cities Most Affected by the Government Shutdown

Protesting About Government Shutdown

When the U.S. government shut down, more and more cities began to feel its effect. Since the shutdown stopped a large percentage of government-funded programs, the cities most affected were those whose economy is based around government workers and government programs. With this in mind, the top 10 cities that were hit the hardest are as follows.

#1 Washington, D.C. - 18.5 percent of wages are for federal employees, so it was most likely be hit the hardest. Some predict the shutdown cost the city $200 million a day.

#2 Bethesda, Maryland - located only 8 miles from D.C., this city has 12.6 percent of its wages going to government workers. It is also home to the renown National Institutes of Health where research is at a stop due to the shutdown.

#3 Norfolk, Virginia - has the third highest wages going to federal workers at 11.8 percent. In addition, they rely heavily on military defense money from Washington.

#4 Honolulu, Hawaii - has 23,000 non-military workers employed at Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard, which had a large impact on the area's economy due to lost wages.

#5 Dayton, Ohio - is home to Wright Patterson Air Force Base where 30,000 people are employed. It is estimated the shutdown cost this city $5 million a day in lost wages.

#6 El Paso, Texas - is home to U.S. Army Fort Bliss, the Army's second-largest installation. About 3,700 employees at Fort Bliss and William Beaumont Army Medical Center were affected with about half put on furloughs. Others were allowed to remain to keep medical services in operation.

#7 Colorado Springs, Colorado - several thousand workers at the Peterson Air Force Base, Fort Carson, and the Air Force Academy were furloughed as a result of the shutdown.

#8 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - another city with a large percent of its wages going to government employees was impacted. Government workers include those employed at the Federal Aviation Administration, the Social Security Administration, the Department of Housing and Urban Development, and Tinker Air Force Base.

#9 Albuquerque, New Mexico - has three air force bases, and a total 7.3 percent wages going to government employees.

#10 Bakersfield, California - 10,000 federal workers were affected by the shutdown.

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