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Can You Believe It? These 5 Jobs Pay Just Minimum Wage!

Woman working minimum wage job

When we think about minimum-wage jobs, we often list jobs that require no skills, or just manual labor jobs. But, surprisingly, that is not always the case. Some minimum-wage jobs include those that require certification and have educational requirements. What??

Sadly, these 5 jobs pay only minimum wage:

#1 - Lifeguards, ski patrol, and recreational service workers: these jobs involve protecting the safety and often the lives of others, yet they only earn $7.87 per hour on the low end and median pay of $10.05 an hour.

#2 - Manicurists and pedicurists: these jobs require one to complete a state program for cosmetology and nail technicians, pass exams, and receive their state license before they can even practice. Yet they earn only $8.02 - $9.30 per hour.

#3 - Models: modelling is a tough and demanding job and requires more than just looking pretty. Models need to now how to communicate, cooperate, and must have an impressive portfolio. Yet models only earn from $7.91 to a median hourly wage of $12.79.

#4 - Gaming dealers: these are people who work at casinos. Although they are required to attend gaming school and training programs, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that gaming dealers earn median wages of $10.52 per hour, with the lowest wage at $7.52.

#5 - Cashiers: this is truly an underpaid job. Cashiers must learn how operate equipment, communicate with customers, and most are required to do inventory functions several times a year.

These jobs would be considered professional by most, yet their pay level doesn't match the skill level required for the job. What's up with that? Somehow, minimum wage and these jobs just don't seem to go together.

To read more, visit www.usatoday.com/story/money/personalfinance/2015/01/18/cheat-sheet-surprising-minimum-wage-jobs/21874411/

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