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New Program Helps Low Income Cancer Patients -- Thanks to This Little Boy!

A Little Boy Named Emilio Inspires His Father to Create a New Program That Helps Low Income Cancer Patients
Emilio Nares with his father Richard

A little boy named Emilio Nares from Orange, California, was just three years old when he was diagnosed with leukemia. When he passed away in 2000 just before his sixth birthday, his parents created the Emilio Nares Foundation, a non-profit foundation to help low-income families who have a family member with cancer.

The story of Emilio

Emilio's parents, Richard and Diane Nares, knew how important it is to get to the hospital for treatments. This is a huge struggle for low-income cancer patients. Many low-income families do not have a car. Now they have not only the cancer to worry about but also the constant concern over how they are going to get to the hospital for their chemotherapy or radiation treatments.

How Emilio's foundation helps

Richard and Diane Nares' foundation provides vans that travel 3,000 miles a month in order to provide hospital transportation to low-income families. Through the foundation, little Emilio has helped so many people who never had the opportunity to meet him. As one young cancer survivor, Wendy Hernandez, stated, "If we didn't have the ride, I think we would be struggling."

Emilio's parents are grateful they have an opportunity to help low-income families. As Richard Nares explained, "I know he's looking down and saying we're doing good work." "That's really what our mission is, to give comfort and to really help these families."

To learn more about the Emilio Nares Foundation, visit www.enfhope.org

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