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This City is Giving Away Free Water Filters to Local Low-Income Families

Low-income boy drinking water

The city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin is receiving much-need help from several non-profit organizations that are concerned about lead in the city's water. Low income families in the city that include children and pregnant women are going to receive $75,000 worth of water filters -- free.
Who's funding this?

The free water filters are being funded by the United Way of Greater Milwaukee & Waukesha County and four health systems, according to Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett. The water filters are necessary to remove lead from the water and provide healthy drinking water for residents.

Why are these water filters needed?

Milwaukee's water mains do not contain lead, but lead pipes are still being used by about 70,000 homes in the city that were built before 1951. Although the city treats the water to control contamination, the Mayor has recommended water filters to residents living in older homes.

In addition, the Mayor has recommended for residents living in older homes that they run the water until it gets cold before using it. This will help reduce the levels of lead.

For more details about the program, visit http://city.milwaukee.gov/health/disease-Control-and-Environment/Drinking-Water.htm

Watch the video below:

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