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Bail Reform Much Needed to Help Low Income Defendants (Who By the Way Are Mostly Black and Hispanic!)

Bail reform proposals are being discussed, mainly by upstate district attorneys, to eliminate bail for misdeamenor and non-violent felony defendants. It will be beneficial particularly for low-income defendants, in which 80% of those are Black or Hispanic.
The New York State Bar Association recently held forums that talked about removing the bail for non-violent felony and misdeamenor defendants who are too poor to make cash bail.

Add that to the fact that these low-income defendants, when imprisoned will lose their jobs and may cause dislocations to their families as well.

However, there are some who disagree with the proposal. Their objection is based on the "push back" on attaining a "disposition on the alleged crime." This, however, proves that incarceration brings pressure to poor, disadvantaged defendants to just plead guilty.

This bail reform proposal, if approved, would be very beneficial to low-income defendants. Aside from that, it would also help achieve equality and serve as a reminder that it is not a crime to be poor.

Watch some activists are trying to accomplish in regards to bail reform:

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