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This State Now Requires Food Stamp Recipients to Work or Volunteer

Cart full of groceries from food stamp recipient

The food stamp program in the state of Michigan has been revised. The new policy now requires some participants to resume working or doing community service to be able to continue receiving benefits.
A new policy enacted by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services on October 1 requires people on food assistance to begin working or doing community service.

The new policy means those who are "able-bodied" have three months to either find a job or lose their benefits. The guidelines define an able-bodied adult as those between the ages 18 and 49, without any disability and any dependents.

Those who fall under the criteria should either work, volunteer, or attend job training an average of 20 hours per week every month, in order to receive their benefits.

Exempted from the rule are those who have a physical or mental inability to work, are pregnant, or residing in a household with a child under 18-years old.

Michigan already had this policy in the past, but it was waived because of high unemployment rates and a struggling economy.

For more details about the newly re-instated policy, visit:

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