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Top Decorating Ideas for Using Thrifted décor

Top Decorating Ideas for Using Thrifted décor

Are you curious about how to decorate with thrifted décor? Read through these top decorating ideas for using thrifted décor. The beauty in thrifted décor is that the possibilities for creative decorating are limitless. However, these three ideas are a great starting point to get your foot in the door. Have a plan and a list of items in mind before you walk into a thrift store. Once you find a thrift store that has what you’re looking for, you’re ready to start designing!


Old books and bookends can be a quirky but classic way to spruce up your décor. Find thrifted books that have binding colors that match your room theme. For example, you can strive for a monochromatic look by finding books of the same color but in different shades. Once you find the right colored books, place them on a bookshelf or a floating shelf on your wall with some thrifted bookends to pair. If you don’t have shelving, consider letting them rest on your coffee table as an added touch to the space.


If you’ve been thrifting before, you’ve likely seen various forms of postcards or prints available. These are beautiful opportunities to let unique art dance on your walls. Pick up some of these vintage prints that speak to your personality and room theme. Once you’ve found just the right prints, enjoy the process of finding unique frames while you thrift.


Every room needs a little bit of storage. Seek out thrifted baskets for some subtle yet functional décor. Many times, these baskets are either wicker or wire. As wire baskets are see-through, they provide a wonderful opportunity to potentially show off more décor. Consider placing three of these baskets in a row on a shelf on your wall. Find vintage blankets, quilts, wooden blocks, etc., and fill the baskets with these treasures. The possibilities here are endless.

There’s infinite potential in the thrifted items around you as you shop. If you need a little help making the most of your finds, keep these top decorating ideas for using thrifted décor in mind. From books and prints to baskets, you’re sure to find one of these items in a thrifted store near you.

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