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Top 7 Best States for Low Income Families to Live In

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No two U.S. states are the same, especially when it comes to the cost of living. We previously mentioned a few of the best and worst states for low-income individuals and families. Below, we share an updated list of the top seven best states for low-income families to live in:


The Gem State boasts a low cost of living: Visit Idaho claims that “Idaho’s cost of living is the second lowest of the 11 western states.” The state offers affordable housing, low-cost groceries, and reasonable taxes. Another perk is the state’s low crime rates, meaning your family will feel safe there. Popular cities for low-income families include Boise, Nampa, and Twin Falls.


If your family is on a budget, consider moving to Iowa. The state’s cost of living is below average, as food, housing, and transportation are less expensive there than in other states. In addition to the low cost of living, Iowa also has amazing schools and gorgeous parks. Some Iowa cities you should check out include Ames, Cedar Rapids, Des Moines, and Shenandoah.


People are flocking to Kentucky because it has the lowest cost of living index in the nation. In fact, the Bluegrass State has exceptionally low grocery and monthly rent costs. You can also buy a home at a reasonable price, too - the average price is less than $150,000. Want to move there? Lexington and Louisville are great Kentucky cities that’ll allow you to get more bang for your buck.


Pure Michigan is a true paradise, and when it comes down to finances, it’s within anybody’s reach. When compared to the national average, healthcare and housing costs are quite low in Michigan. Additionally, food and groceries are also inexpensive in this state. Your expenses will be lower in Michigan than in other states, and you’ll make slightly more money, too. MLive states that “a Michigan household… has roughly 4 percent more spending power than the average U.S. resident.”
Costs will vary between counties, but generally, living in West Michigan is the most affordable. Ann Arbor, Holland, and Kalamazoo are just a few of the cities you and your family will love.


Missouri is a fantastic place to consider due to its exceptionally low rental housing costs. Even if you’d like to buy a house, you can purchase one in Missouri at a reasonable price. Kansas City, Ozark, and Springfield are three beautiful, affordable cities in the Show-Me State.


With affordable housing, inexpensive groceries and utilities, and a low unemployment rate, Nebraska is a wonderful place to raise your family. If you choose to live in the Cornhusker State, consider cities such as Omaha, Lincoln, and Norfolk.


If your family is on a tight budget, move to the Lone Star State. In Texas, you won’t have to pay a fortune for groceries, housing, or transportation. Consider living in Austin, Frisco, or San Antonio, as residing in these cities will be less expensive.

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