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New Housing For Low-Income Seniors and Families in Fresno, CA Made Possible Through Unique Partnership

Community Development Trust
A partnership with the Community Development Trust (CDT) and LINC Housing Corporation, a non-profit builder in Long Beach, has resulted in the purchase of a 60-unit housing development in Fresno which will be rehabilitated into new homes for senior citizens and low-income families.

CDT, founded in 1998, is the only private real estate investment company in the country who invests in affordable housing projects. They have funded more than $847 million to develop over 32,000 affordable housing units throughout 42 states. LINC Housing Corporation is a non-profit developer of affordable housing who has been instrumental in building over 7,000 homes in 63 California communities.

Financing from CDT, along with additional funding from LINC, will enable this unique partnership to purchase the former Pleasant View Apartments complex and rehabilitate the units to provide affordable new homes for seniors, low-income families and people with special needs.

Fresno was selected as a good site for this project due to its low inventory of affordable housing options. The completion of the project will help a large number of low-income families in the area. This is the first time CDT has partnered with a non-profit organization on an affordable housing acquisition.

For more information, visit www.cdt.biz

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