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Chicago, We Have A Problem! Record High Murder Rates Already This Year; Plus 85,000 People on City's Waiting List For Low Income Housing

Children March Against Chicago Murders

The rising murder rate in Chicago has area residents and law enforcement officials concerned. In January 2013, 42 people were killed in Chicago. In the same month in 1929, during the Al Capone mobster era, there were 29 people killed in the same month. In comparison though, in January 1992, there were 77 people killed in Chicago.

The increase is significant, getting the attention of city officials, law enforcement, and even the White House. Guns were used in 1929 and they continue to be used today. What is noteworthy is that most of the killings are gang-related, not unlike the mobster-related killings in 1929. The only difference is that the disputes in 1929 that led to the killings were over bootlegging and today they involve drugs. Six of the 42 victims were under 18.

Adding to Chicago's problems is the increasing issue of where to find homes for low-income residents. There are currently 85,000 people on Chicago's Public Housing Authority waiting list for public housing. There is simply not enough public housing available for the tens of thousands of low-income people needing a safe, affordable place to live. Chicago Housing Authority currently has 9,200 apartments for seniors and 11,400 units for other families.

Individuals and families who want to remain on the waiting list for public housing must update their application by the end of February in order to keep their place in line.

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