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The Top 10 U.S. Cities To Grow Old In

America's senior citizens have needs that are specialized. From retirement age and beyond, this age group will begin to need specialized resources and facilities to meet their health and social needs as they grow older.

Research done by Sperling's BestPlaces examined 50 U.S. metropolitan cities to determine which ones provide facilities and services that best meet the needs of senior citizens. The resulting study rated the cities based on the following factors: percentage of the population that are senior citizens (social engagement), the amount of senior living facilities, availability of comprehensive medical care, available transportation for seniors, climate, and safety.

These factors were determined to be of particular importance to seniors in ensuring that they not only have good medical care but also are able to live a healthy, comfortable life style and remain socially active.

The top ten cities included: Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, Pittsburgh, Milwaukee, Philadelphia, New York, Boston, Cincinnati, and Chicago. Here are some of the reasons why these cities were rated among the top ten:
  • Excellent health care facilities
  • Clean and convenient public transportation
  • Senior meal services
  • High percentage of senior residents
  • Low cost of living, both houses and apartments
  • Assisted and independent living options
  • Mild climate
  • Low crime
Not all the top ten cities rated the highest in each category, but these cities represented those who had the largest amount of factors that affect the quality of life of senior citizens.

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