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Should McDonald's Employees Be Paid $15 An Hour? Or Should They Find Another Job?

McDonald's Employees Protest For Higher Wages

Last week, thousands of workers at McDonald's and other fast food restaurants held strikes across the country demanding a wage of $15 an hour. Their current wages, depending on the state, are about $7-$8 an hour. Reportedly, workers have walked off their jobs in more than 50 cities, including New York City where more than 500 protesters took over a McDonald's near the Empire State Building

But they want more than just wages. These protestors also want the right to form a union without intimidation or retaliation.

Kendall Fells, organizing director of Fast Food Forward, comments, "These corporations are seeing record profits... with CEOs receiving record pay. It’s time to... share those profits with the people who made them."

According to Fells, McDonald’s, who employs more than 4 million workers worldwide, made more than $5 billion in profits last year and can afford to pay their employees more.

In response to the protests, corporate McDonald's released the following official statement:

"The story promoted by the individuals organizing these events does not provide an accurate picture of what it means to work at McDonald's... [We] do not determine wages set by our more than 3,000 U.S. franchisees... [and] raising entry-level wages would mean higher overall costs that could potentially increase menu prices and have a negative impact on sales and employment in our restaurants.

What do you think?

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