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New Bill To End Child Tax Credit For Undocumented Workers Will Hurt Low-Income Hispanics

Tax Increase Affects Low Income Hispanics

Republican Senator Kelly Ayotte from New Hampshire recently proposed a bill that would raise taxes by about $1,800 on families that earn an average of $21,000 a year. The bill would affect 4 million low-income Latino children in the U.S.

End of Child Tax Credit

The bill would end the Child Tax Credit for undocumented workers, thereby raising their taxes. What makes the bill so unsavory is that the group most affected by Ayotte's bill are those who do work and pay taxes already. Even though their low incomes allow them to qualify for Child Tax Credits, they are still contributing to the economy, Social Security and Medicare programs.

So, Why Is Ayotte Proposing Such a Bill?

It is her recommendation as a way to offset the cost of renewing the unemployment insurance program for 1.3 million Americans. But it just doesn't make sense to penalize an already struggling low-income group and basically attack the poor.

The proposed bill is viewed by many as most likely to fail, leaving a bad taste in the mouths of many as an outright attack on poor children from Latino families and a bad attempt to fix an already bad situation.

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