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New Website Helps Low-Income Residents in Chicago Find Jobs -- Doesn't Every City Need This?

Chicago Housing Authority
The Chicago Housing Authority (CHA) has developed an innovative new way to help low-income residents locate jobs. They have created a website that is specifically for low-income residents of public housing and those participating in Housing Choice Vouchers. The website lists available jobs with the Chicago Housing Authority or its contractors.

How the website works

When logging onto the new website, visitors will be directed to Section 3 Job Opportunities. Section 3 residents are public housing residents and low and very-low income persons living in the Chicago Metropolitan Area or non-metropolitan areas. Residents will need to register on the website first and will then have access to all the jobs as they become available.

Website available to other low-income residents

In addition to public housing and voucher participants, the website can be used by other low-income residents whose household income falls within the guidelines of the federal government's low income requirements. They, too, will be able to review and apply for jobs with the CHA and its contractors.

All registrants will be able to set up a job alert on the site that will email them when an appropriate job becomes available. As one resident commented about the website, "It gives residents a leg up on the competition."

Experts say that if the idea works in Chicago, it will likely also work in other major cities like New York, Los Angeles, and Houston. Hopefully, these other cities will jump onboard.

For more details and/or to sign up at the Chicago web site, visit:

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