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Studies Show That Poor and Minority Students Have The Absolute WORST Teachers

Minority student

Two recent studies shed some glaring light on the disparity found among students living in high-poverty areas of the country and the quality of education they are getting. Basically, the studies found that in some areas, low income and minority status equated to low quality of education. What's up with that?

The two studies were done by the Center for American Progress and the Annie E. Casey Foundation. The studies revealed that Black and other minority students living in low-income areas were often being taught by ineffective and less experienced teachers. As a result, these students are not getting a fair shake on education.

How does the study determine the quality of teachers?

Much like school systems, teachers are also rated according to how effective they are and can be ranked anywhere from ineffective to highly effective. That's not a bad thing. What IS bad is the fact that more minority students in low-income areas are getting the ineffective teachers. For example, in the state of Louisiana, only 20 percent of the teachers in high-poverty areas received the highly effective rankings. The percent doubled, however, in other more affluent school districts.

It makes no sense

Similar discrepancies were found in school districts in the state of Massachusetts. The results were quite clear and quite shocking. The report included a very candid statement, “Poor students and students of color are less likely to get well-qualified or high-value teachers than students from higher-income families or students who are white.”

Not only is this totally unfair, it just doesn't make sense.

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