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More Than 1 Million U.S. Students Are Attending Unproductive Schools -- Children Are Being Left Behind!

Children Left Behind
Investments of any type are generally measured by the amount of productivity or returns they produce, or as many would call it, getting the best bang for your buck. A recent report released by the Center For American Progress looks at education in the same manner. According to their report, “the nation's schools suffer from a productivity crisis,” wasting billions of dollars and affecting one million students across the country. But is their analysis correct?

Fiscal responsibility and effectiveness needed

The Center For American Progress (CAP) is a Washington, D.C.-based independent nonpartisan educational institute dedicated to improving the lives of Americans through progressive ideas and action. Their opinions cover education as well as health care, energy, national security, and economic growth.

In the study, the following points were made to support a strong effort to make school districts more fiscally responsible for not only how much but where they are spending education dollars:
  • Higher spending does not necessarily equate to higher achievement - only one third of the school districts spending the most money were in the top one third in achievement. Other districts scored better achievement results with far less spending.
  • Return on investment - is measured by rating school districts by how much academic achievement they realize for each dollar spent. Academic achievement was based on the results of 2010-11 state reading and math assessments in elementary, middle, and high school. 
  • Educators need to improve fiscal data - Educators across states need to develop more rigorous budgeting procedures with common accounting practices.
  • Funds should be based on student need - CAP recommends that policymakers establish funding policies that direct money based on the needs of the students in the district. The report states, "This will go a long way to give all schools and districts an equal opportunity to succeed."

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