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Free Program Helping Low-Income NJ Families Stay Warm This Winter

Low Income family in New Jersey

Winter months in New Jersey can bring much stress and worry to low-income residents. They are barely making it and then have the added worry about about how to pay those big energy bills. The state Board of Public Utilities (BPU) in New Jersey wants to help with a program called Comfort Partners. The New Jersey Comfort Partners Program is a free energy saving and energy education program for qualified low-income customers.

The Comfort Partners Program

No one needs to risk their health or life by not having enough heat in their homes during the winter season. New Jersey's Comfort Partners program has helped almost 7,000 customers so far. The program analyzes the energy efficiency of homes for low-income residents and makes needed changes to make homes warm, safe and energy efficient.

How the program helps

Changes can include adding insulation, replacing hot water heaters and boilers, and installing carbon monoxide detectors. Making these changes ensures that residents stay warm, safe, and pay less during the winter on utility bills.

The program began in 2001 and is still taking on new customers to help. The program has more money available to help more residents who qualify.

Read more about the Comfort Partners Program at www.njcleanenergy.com/residential/programs/comfort-partners/comfort-partners

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