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Low Income Housing With Style -- These Amazing Tiny Homes Can Be Built In Just One Day

Tiny Low Income Housing

Tiny homes are spreading across the U.S. and other countries like crazy! These amazing little homes are becoming extremely popular, in spite of their small size, for many reasons, including cost and efficiency. And many of them can be built in one day.

Small is the new big now. Tiny homes offer all the conveniences of regular homes but at a much more affordable price; They only cost about $9,000 - $15,000 to build. They are ideal for young people just getting started who don't have the money for a large home, low-income families who can't afford today's home prices, and older people who want to downsize. These homes can be as small as 250 square feet, but they make use of every little space for storage.

The tiny house trend has caught on all over the world. Tiny homes made out of solid wood frames and solar panels are being rented for $800 a month in Amsterdam and the Netherlands. People are catching on and making their own tiny homes, re-purposing garages, using recycled materials, and even doing their own work.

Going from bigger-and-better to smaller-and-simpler is attracting people everywhere and is being called "micro living." It offers so many more affordable living options for people today and is even being considered as a feasible way to supply housing to the homeless. There is no doubt about it; tiny homes are affordable, stylish, efficient, and here to stay.

To read more about tiny homes, visit www.ecowatch.com/2015/01/28/tiny-houses-micro-living/

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