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Need A Job? These 10 States Have the Lowest Unemployment Rates

Low unemployment rates

One of the most important considerations in deciding where you want to live is the area's unemployment rate. Why? Because it is a common measure that determines the health of the economy. It affects how much of your state's taxes are eaten up in paying unemployment benefits, and it affects the housing market. When it comes to unemployment, the lower the better.

Here are are the top 10 states that have the lowest unemployment rates, according to 24/7 Wall Street, as reported recently by USA Today. When reviewing these rates, keep in mind that the national unemployment rate is 5.4 percent.

#1 - Nebraska: 2.5 percent
#2 - North Dakota: 3.1 percent
#3 - Utah: 3.4 percent
#4 - South Dakota: 3.6 percent
#5 - Vermont: 3.6 percent
#6 - Minnesota: 3.7 percent
#7 - Iowa: 3.8 percent
#8 - Idaho: 3.8 percent
#9 - New Hampshire: 3.8 percent
#10 - Texas: 4.2 percent

The report stated that Nebraska was the only state with an unemployment rate below 3 percent, but last year, the state's unemployment rate was 3.4 percent. On the other end of the scale, the highest unemployment rates were the District of Columbia at 7.5 percent, Nevada at 7.1 percent and West Virginia at 7.0 percent.

24/7 Wall St., LLC is a financial news and opinion company that publishes information on the Internet that is used widely by MSN Money, Yahoo! Finance, MarketWatch, Time.com, USAToday, and The Huffington Post.

To read more, visit www.usatoday.com/story/money/personalfinance/2015/05/30/24-7-wall-st-lowest-unemployment-states/28188131/

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