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First Ever Non-Profit Grocery Store Opens in Boston

Daily Table, non-profit grocery store

Feeding America is a constant challenge. It is an even greater challenge to provide healthy food choices for America's low-income families at a price they can afford. But one entrepreneur in the Boston area has developed a unique plan - the first ever non-profit grocery store.

How is a non-profit grocery store different?

Low-income families want the same thing as everyone else: healthy food choices at prices they can afford. Yet, according to national food bank provider Feeding America, there were approximately 49 million Americans who lived in what is referred to as "food insecure households" in 2013. This means they had little access to nutritionally adequate and safe food.

So Doug Rauch, the former president of Trader Joe's, founded Daily Table. Check out some of the prices: canned vegetables two for $1, potatoes at 49 cents a pound, bananas at 29 cents a pound, and eggs at 99 cents a dozen. How can they afford to offer these prices? Is it good food?

Their secret to their success...

The grocery store, called Daily Table, buys surplus foods at a fraction of the regular price from farmers, supermarkets, manufacturers and food distributors. The food is closer to expiration dates than what you would find in a normal supermarket, but it is still good, nutritious food. The idea benefits both the distributors, who would rather donate or sell their products at a discount than just throw them out, and low-income shoppers benefit with good food at low prices. What a great idea!

The store also provides recipes to customers so they can prepare nutritious meals at home. Already prepared meals are also available. The company plans to open more stores around the greater Boston area and in other cities across the country.

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