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President Obama To Put Solar Panels On All Low Income Housing

Obama Speaks on Solar Energy

The Obama Administration has announced a new initiative that will increase access to solar energy for all Americans, in particular low- and moderate- income communities, while expanding opportunities to join the solar workforce. Solar energy is growing in use every year, and is a clean source of energy, but not all can afford it - especially low-income families.

Over $520 million is being tagged by the federal government to fund solar panels not only on low-income homes but also on public property occupied by renters who cannot pay for solar energy. The program is part of "The Obama Administration is committed to addressing climate change, promoting clean energy, and creating good paying jobs," according to a recent White House statement.

Increasing jobs

Part of the $520 million will be used to hire AmeriCorps workers to install solar in low income areas. In addition, the money will provide for government-backed second mortgages to finance solar systems.

Saving energy costs

Although solar energy still represents only about one percent of the nation's energy use, it is very efficient and saves 10 - 20 percent on monthly electric bills. The goal of the Obama administration is to supply enough solar panels to power 50,000 low-income homes.

Not just Obama

It's not just the federal government doing this. According to WhiteHouse.gov, states, cities, businesses, and organizations from more than 20 states across the country are making their own, independent commitments to put in place more than 260 solar energy projects in low- and moderate- income communities or to further community solar.

To read more, visit www.whitehouse.gov/the-press-office/2015/07/07/fact-sheet-administration-announces-new-initiative-increase-solar-access

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