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Starbucks To Add 10,000 Jobs in Low Income Neighborhoods -- Wants to Partner With Minority Vendors

American coffeehouse chain, Starbucks, known for their trendy retail shops and quality coffee, is planning to open more Starbucks shops in low-income neighborhoods. Over the next 3 years, they plan to open 15 new locations in low-income and minority neighborhoods, including Ferguson, Missouri.

Adding 10,000 more jobs

The move will increase jobs by 10,000, of which most will be young adults who live in the same neighborhoods where new Starbucks shops will open. At each location, up to 25 employees will be people from the neighborhoods. One of the locations targeted to open next year will be in Ferguson, Missouri's West Florissant Corridor.

New stores will feature job training

A unique feature in the new stores will be space to conduct job training. The training will give young potential employees information on how they can get hired and keep a job. Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz stated that the company wants to spur job growth in urban areas.

In addition to hiring people from the neighborhoods, the company is looking to work with other small businesses who will become Starbucks vendors. The company recently joined with Natalie's Cakes and More in Ferguson to sell her products at Starbucks coffee shops. The business is owned by Natalie DuBose, a young African-American businesswoman.

A win/win/win

As Schultz explained further, "We're looking for a three-way win here – the community wins, the individuals who are hired win and the companies win.

Read more by visiting www.usatoday.com/story/news/2015/07/15/starbucks-to-open-15-locations-in-low-income-minority-communities/30206071/

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