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Amazing Non-Profit Program Gives 214 Cars to Low-Income Families

African American family receiving a car

Millions of people in America cannot afford to buy even a used car, according to a study by iSeeCars.com. While a new car is totally out of the question, even buying a used car is simply not in the budget for most low-income families. A non-profit program in Vermont is trying to help by giving used cars to needy, low-income families.

How it works

The "Good News Garage" in Burlington, Vermont, has donated more than 4,000 cars to low-income families since 1996. The non-profit program was created to provide affordable and reliable transportation to poor families so they have a way to get to work and care for their children. The organization repairs as many cars as they can to offer safe and dependable transportation to those who need it.

The program takes donations of cars, trucks or vans online, accepting vehicles from CT, MA, NH, RI, VT, southern and mid-coastal Maine, eastern New York, and other select regions and states. The vehicles are repaired to pass inspection and be safe on the road. The idea is to help low-income families become more self-sufficient and eventually be able to get a car of their own.

"Donate A Car, Change A Life!" 

The organization's motto is "Donate A Car, Change A Life!" Donated cars are either given to low-income families or are sold at auction and the money is put right back into the program to help others.

Learn more about the program at www.goodnewsgarage.org

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