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New Obamacare Ads Target Low Income Families

President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama

Many low-income purchasers of health care insurance are not aware that they are eligible for tax credits that can lower their monthly premiums. So, federal health officials have released new ads that explain just how affordable health insurance can be.

Open enrollment ends December 15

The ads are an attempt to reach low-income consumers and encourage them to sign up for medical insurance before the December 15th deadline for the federal and state exchanges set up under the Affordable Care Act. But just how affordable is the health insurance?

The ads focus on the affordability of plans, showing what it costs before and after the credits are applied. According to the Department of Health and Human Services, the average premium increase for Healthcare.gov is lower than the double digit increases paid by many people who had individual plans before the Affordable Care Act.

Target audience

Even though about 80 percent of consumers shopping for insurance on Healthcare.gov are eligible for tax credits, many of these same consumers are not aware that they are available, how much of a credit they can get, and how much it can reduce their health care expense, making it affordable for them. Some premiums can be as low as less than $100 a month. These are exactly the ones that the new ads are trying to reach.

For more details, visit www.Healthcare.gov

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