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The Devastating Effects on Children When One Parent Is in Prison

Prison Visit Parents

More than two million children in America have parents who are incarcerated. About 90 percent of these parents are the fathers. It raises a very important question: when a parent is in prison, what happens to the children?

Effects on children

Children of parents who go to jail or prison still need to be cared for. When one parent is incarcerated, the effects on their children can be devastating. First there is the financial effect with the loss of income from the incarcerated parent, which can put a financial strain on the remaining family. But there are also social and emotional effects.

In a recent article by entertainment, news and lifestyle network Examiner.com, having a parent in prison can result in increased stress and anxiety on children. They are scared, confused, and even humiliated. This often affects their behavior and performance in school, and can even lead to anti-social and delinquent behavior.

How to minimize the effects

The writer of the article, Jeffery Leving, was named one of “America’s Best Lawyers” by Forbes Radio. He lectures on family law issues and is a strong advocate of men's right. He stresses the need for incarcerated parents to have contact with their children during their incarceration and after. These parents may also seek legal advice as to their custody and visitation rights.

Children need both parents, but when one parent is gone with no contact, this is devastating to a child. As an advocate for fathers' right, Mr. Leving encourages that we "all advocate for appropriate child-parent visitation by educating service providers and incarcerated fathers about their rights, responsibilities and options"

Read more at www.examiner.com/article/the-effects-of-paternal-incarceration-on-children

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