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Alabama Governor Gives $950,000 to Help Low Income Residents Pay Their Utility Bills

Alabama Governor Robert Bentley

Counties throughout the state of Alabama are getting money from Governor Robert Bentley that will help low-income and elderly residents in Alabama reduce their utility bills. The grants are part of Alabama’s Weatherization Assistance Program.

Governor gives $950,000 in grants

The grant money was issued to 16 county agencies across the state of Alabama who manage programs that offer assistance on utility bills to low-income, disabled and elderly residents. The program is designed to provide improvements to resident homes that will greatly reduce the cost of their utilities. Improvements can include:
  • Adding insulation
  • Sealing leaks around doors and windows
  • Air conditioning and heating unit repairs
  • Replacing old light bulbs with energy efficient lighting
Agencies providing these home improvements will also be helping low-income residents reduce their utility bills.

How to apply for help

Residents who qualify just need to call the agency nearest them to apply. There are 16 agencies across the state that can offer more information on how to qualify and walk residents through the application process.

Governor Bentley stated “By making improvements to the energy efficiency of homes, this program helps lower utility bills for our residents who are most in need."

Read more at www.alabamanews.net/2016/05/05/bentley-awards-grants-to-help-low-income-residents-cut-energy-costs/

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