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This State Just Launched a $100 Million Program to Help Low Income Children

New Hampshire Tomorrow

A New Hampshire charitable foundation has joined forces with hundreds of businesses and organizations to create a fund that will help low-income children in New Hampshire. The fund is called "New Hampshire Tomorrow" and is appropriately named; their goal is to help thousands of low-income children in the state reach their potential so they can eventually contribute to New Hampshire's workforce and communities.

More than 28,000 children living in poverty

New Hampshire Tomorrow is a 10-year program with $100 million of funding to give more children an opportunity to succeed. Why New Hampshire? The state has 28,000 children who live in poverty -- that's 11 percent. And 46,700 are eligible for free or reduced-price lunches -- that's more than half of all the children in some cities and school districts.

Turning things around

New Hampshire used to be the fastest-growing state in the Northeast, but an aging population and a lack of skilled employees has caused the state's growth to decline steadily since 2005. Growing poverty has also resulted in substance abuse among youth. The state wants to turn this situation around.

To do so, the New Hampshire Tomorrow program has the support of many local businesses and organizations and former Gov. John Lynch. The New Hampshire Charitable Foundation was founded in 1962 and manages more than 1,700 funds created with donations from businesses, families and individuals.

For more details about the program, visit www.nhcf.org/what-were-up-to/focus-on/new-hampshire-tomorrow/

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