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4 More States Have Raise the Minimum Wage for Low Income Workers

Protesting about low income wages

The U.S. Presidency wasn't the only issue on ballots across the U.S. last week. Increases in minimum wages for low income workers was successfully passed by four more states: Maine, Arizona, Colorado, and the state of Washington.
One state is even adding paid sick leave

It's become known as the “Fight for $15”, which is the slogan being used for low income workers who are pushing for states to raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour. While not all states are increasing minimum wages to $15, many are still increasing wages. Maine, Arizona, and Colorado, for example, just voted in to increase their minimum wage to $12 per hour, while the state of Washington increased their minimum wage to $13.50 per hour, plus paid sick leave.

Other states predicted to join in

Although states like New Jersey vetoed minimum wage hikes, many predict that more states will put it on the ballot for a vote in 2018. Other states are looking to tie wage increases into inflation and cost of living. One fact remains, and that is the minimum wage increase issue will be here for some time. Although opponents fear it may cause financial burdens for small businesses, many small businesses are already preparing for it by including higher wages into their budgets.

Although increasing the minimum wage from $7.25 to $15 per hour may seem like a huge increase, low income workers worry that it still may not be enough. As costs continue to rise, will it be enough to close the wage income gap?

For more states about low income wages and how much is needed in each state to survive, visit www.nlihc.org/oor

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