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Low Income Dad Returns $1,200 Sent To Him By Mistake -- And Than This Happened!

Gerrell McAllister, low income dad

If it's too good to be true, it usually is. That's what 28-year-old Gerrell McAllister discovered when he mistakenly received $1,200 from PayPal that he knew did not belong to him. So he did the right thing and returned it. What happened next is amazing!
Instinct told him to do the right thing

For Gerrell, doing the right thing by returning the money was instinctive, something he attributed to his mother who instilled in him good values. Even though he had fallen on hard times, losing his mother and trying to support his 5-year old daughter with a low income job, Gerrell found out where the money came from and promptly returned it.

The mistake came from a PayPal payment that was meant to be given to Melissa Trusler from Seattle by her father. But her father sent it to the wrong phone number, which happened to be Gerrell's. He says he also returned the money because he wanted to be a good example for his daughter. And all he wanted in return was for Melissa to "share the story, [and] spread the love."

What happened next...

As the story went viral on Facebook, people reacted with kindness beyond expectation. Before he knew what was happening, Gerrell started to receiving money from all kinds of people who were touched by the story -- $20, $30, even $100. The money came with heartfelt messages such as "Good people are out therem and you are proof."

His older brother told reporters, "My mom would be so proud of him."

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