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President Trump Reportedly Thought Mostly Black People Are on Welfare, But Statistics Show Otherwise!

President Donald Trump

President Donald Trump was surprised to know that welfare beneficiaries are not mostly Black. Recent statistics prove that more whites are actually benefiting from welfare instead.
Last March, then-newly elected President Trump reportedly met with the members of the Congressional Black Caucus. During the meeting, one of the members told Trump that welfare reforms would be unfavorable to her constituents and added that "not all of them are Black."

Trump seemed skeptical and asked, "Really? Then what are they?"

According to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, white men and women without a college degree that are 18 to 64 years old represent the largest class of adults that benefit from government safety-net programs like the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, also known as welfare.

The U.S. Think Tank's 2017 report stated that 6.2 million working-age whites were pushed up on the poverty line in 2014, while there were only 2.8 million blacks and 2.4 million Hispanics.

The same also goes for the Supplementary Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) most commonly known as food stamps.

Based on the 2015 report of Department of Agriculture, only 25.7 percent of SNAP recipients are black, 10 percent are Hispanic, 2.1 percent are Asian, 1.2 percent are Native American, while 40 percent of SNAP recipients are white.

Even after knowing these, welfare reforms are still one of Trump's goals for 2018. His administration, together with the Congressional Republicans, are planning to make changes on federal safety-net programs like SNAP, Medicaid and housing benefits.

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