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4 Inexpensive Housing Options to Consider

4 Inexpensive Housing Options to Consider

Buying a house should be a mark of adulthood, but in the current economy, it isn’t always easy. Fortunately, conventional housing isn’t the only way to have a home. Many rising housing trends aren’t just creative, but more affordable as well. If a traditional large home and mortgage aren’t right for you, here are four inexpensive housing options to consider.

Live-in Property Manager

Many property owners don’t live at or even near their properties, but they still need someone to handle maintenance, upkeep, and other tenant needs. This is where property managers come in handy. Live-in property managers handle the day-to-day work of a property while living on-site for a discounted rate. While this traditionally applies to apartment buildings, many property managers have started to work for Airbnb hosts as well.


Who says your home has to be stationary? An RV is a great way for people to live on the road while staying within their budget. Full-time RVers pay to stay at parks and campgrounds, but if you shop around, you’re sure to find discounted rates. Some campgrounds even let you work for a reduced rate. As long as you perform the proper maintenance for your RV, this is the perfect way to live—and travel—affordably.

Tiny House

There’s a reason the tiny house trend gained so much traction. For those who can handle a minimalist lifestyle, it’s the perfect solution to expensive housing. You can either buy or build your tiny home—both are relatively inexpensive housing options to consider. Plus, a tiny house saves energy and costs less in utilities, meaning you’ll continue to save money down the road.

Abandoned or Unfinished Buildings

A fixer-upper is always a good way to save money when buying a home. This is particularly true for abandoned or unfinished spaces. While some buildings are far too expensive to renovate, there are ways to turn a fixer-upper into a budget-friendly project. Keep an eye on buildings in your area and don’t be afraid to negotiate with sellers. If you find a property that’s well below your price range, you’ll have plenty of room left in your budget to turn it into whatever you want.

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