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3 Steps for Getting Creative with Job Searching

3 Steps for Getting Creative with Job Searching

The job application process is a difficult thing. Whether you’re just out of college or in transition, figuring out the best way to present yourself in a few questions and a piece of paper is an overwhelming task. Lots of people get stuck in ruts when they’ve been in the application process for a while. If that’s you, take a look below. Life is full of many transitions—whether you just moved to a new town, are figuring out how to apply for a job with a criminal record, or you are adding a new member to your family. Here are some tips for getting creative with job searching to best suit your life.

Enhance Your LinkedIn Profile

Your LinkedIn profile plays a bigger role in the hiring process than you may initially believe. It’s a great tool for both networking purposes and job applications, so if you really want to stand out, then you need to create a standout LinkedIn profile. This means more than simply connecting with others; you’ve got to stay active on the site. Join groups, post discussion topics, network with people in the industry. Your application may get noticed without LinkedIn, but you’ll lose out on quite a few opportunities if you don’t use the tool consistently.

Think Outside the Paper

Another trap people often fall into when applying for jobs is thinking that employers will only look at resumés. They’re absolutely important, and certainly, potential employers will look at them, but it’s important to expand your thinking a bit. There’s more to your application than the white paper of your resumé. Think about making your resumé part of your portfolio—do something that showcases your skills. If you’re a graphic designer, make your resumé an infographic. If you’re in marketing, create ad campaigns with a tagline about how your skills match the open position. Creative resumés are all the rage now; see what you can do to replicate that.

Make a Value Video

Our last creative tip for applying to jobs is the idea of getting behind the camera. This is a method that a lot of people have gotten great results with, and it really helps you stand out from other job seekers. Follow the instructions of any typical job application, but add in the extra step of creating a 30- to 60-second video explaining the following:
  • Why their job/company caught your interest
  • The value you would bring to the role and how you would help their company (mention skills, past experiences, accomplishments, and whatever else you deem relevant)
Keep in mind that this video should be short; it’s like an elevator pitch that you can send over the computer. Upload the video as “unlisted” on YouTube and then send a brief message with your application that includes the link to the video and a short clarification on what you’re sending. Value Videos will really help you stand out!

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