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Ways to Save Money on A/C This Summer

Ways to Save Money on A/C This Summer

As the weather begins to warm up around the country, many people are venturing out for walks to enjoy the outdoors while maintaining social distance to comply with shelter-in-place orders. As the orders creep from spring into summer, chances are most families will be spending more time in their homes than they typically do during the summer due to event cancelations and the uncertainty of when public places will reopen. One costly issue that arises in many households is keeping the home comfortable and cool during harsh summer heat. Check out this guide to some ways to save money on A/C this summer.

Use window treatments to keep the heat out

If you don’t already have them, invest in window treatments. These can lower your air conditioning costs by keeping out the hot sun at peak hours. Close the shades, curtains, or blinds when the sun is beating down into a room and notice the difference it makes—the room will automatically stay cooler longer.

Get your A/C unit serviced in the spring

The springtime—when the weather is just starting to warm up and most people keep their windows open to let in the gentle breeze—is a perfect time to get your A/C unit serviced. Getting your A/C maintained in the spring is important because it ensures it will function properly throughout the hottest summer days. This can lower energy usage and, in turn, electricity costs.

Keep it running

Many people think turning the A/C off and on as needed is a money-saver, but this method can actually increase your energy usage and utility bills. Keep your A/C unit on a consistent temperature to maintain the feel of your home. When you turn your air conditioning off, the temperature starts to rise in your home. By the time it’s hot enough for you to need to turn the air conditioning on again, the home’s temperature has risen significantly. This means the A/C will need to work harder to bring the temperature back down than it would to simply maintain a constant temperature.

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