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Careers You Don’t Need a Degree For

Careers You Don’t Need a Degree For

American high schools across the country tend to tell kids that they must go to college in order to be successful. While it is important to allow every child a range of opportunities, there are other opportunities in the world beyond the route of a four-year degree. Students—and adults—should be aware of all their options. With this in mind, we have compiled a list of careers you don’t need a degree for.

Insurance Agent

Insurance agents sell insurance, working with customers in order to find them the coverage that fits their unique needs. They may also, depending on the type of insurance, be sent out to investigate the needs of crash sites or home damage. Although some people choose to go to college before attempting to become an insurance agent, a high school degree is all that’s required. You will need to get an insurance license, which may involve taking an exam. The median income for insurance agents is about 48,000 dollars annually.

Certified Nursing Assistant

There is such a level of prestige to the medical field that some people assume you have to have a degree to do anything in it. This is true for some careers, like surgeons and general practitioners, but it isn’t true for Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA). This role involves taking care of general needs like feeding, exercise, and movement, as well as administering some medications. CNAs can work in hospitals, nursing homes, and people’s homes; depending on the setting, they usually make between 27,000 and 32,000 dollars. This versatile career does involve completing training, but CNA classes typically only last a few weeks and are considerably less expensive than college courses.

Mail Carrier

We see them stop by our house almost every day, and yet more often than not we don’t even think about the people carrying our mail—or about what their job entails and pays. In reality, being a mail carrier pays between about 17 and 28 dollars an hour (plus benefits). You will have to take some exams to get the job, but you don’t need a degree. These jobs are highly competitive, though.

Whether you are a high school student on the verge of graduation or an adult looking to improve their life through a change of career, a lack of a college degree should not hold you back. There are many careers that you don’t need a high school diploma for that will enable you to make ends meets.

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