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Things You Can Do Yourself Without Paying a Professional

Things You Can Do Yourself Without Paying a Professional

We pay professionals to handle maintenance, personal grooming, and other needs that we rely on in our daily lives. But those bills can rack up, further pushing households, especially those of low income, into deeper debt, which leaves fewer options. Luckily, it is possible to accomplish many projects on your own without having to spend a lot of money. These can range from home repair and vehicle care to personal and animal grooming. You can save a great deal of money by simply taking on certain services and projects yourself. To get you started, we will look at a list of things you can do yourself without paying a professional below.

Home Painting

Professional painting services tend to be very costly. This, however, is a lower-skill project that can be accomplished by having to invest in only paintbrushes, rollers, masking tape, and paint. While this will take a bit more time than using a professional, it will be a far cheaper investment, especially since the tools you have purchased can be used again for future projects.

Grooming and Beauty Care

Salon services for facials, pedicures, hair coloring, and other skin care can leave you with an unusually hefty bill. There are many options for facials and chemical peels that can be bought over the counter for half the price you would pay in the salon. Along with the affordability, at-home hair coloring is an easy skill to learn and would probably be a far better option than dropping $80 or more per salon visit. For skin care, you will have to purchase a few extra items such as an exfoliator, pore cleansers, and rehydrating products, but these will cover you for multiple future uses.

Pet Grooming

Dog grooming can cost around $50 a visit, depending on the dog’s size and coat, making it much more practical and cost-effective to do at home. Simple items such as shampoos, nail trimmers, and dog toothpaste can be purchased at a low cost. Brushing your pet is a simple task that many people can take on themselves, and there are books and online tutorials that can show you how to trim your pet’s fur.

Changing a Tire

Changing a tire is a vital but relatively simple task you can do yourself without paying a professional. Unfortunately, tires wear out easily, and of course, we have little control over tire-damaging debris on the road. Rather than spending money on yearly subscriptions to roadside services or having to pay around $200 for a tow, you’ll be glad you learned how to change your own tire, especially for future situations. Learn to perform this skill safely and save some money to boot.

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