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Inexpensive Online Learning Resources for Kids

Inexpensive Online Learning Resources for Kids

While being away from friends and teachers is hard for kids, it does not have to have an impact on their studies. Homeschooling has many benefits and has been a reliable form of education for years. Now more than ever kids have an opportunity to get a great education without leaving the house. There are many powerful learning tools available online that make it easy for teachers and parents to supplement education effectively.

Online Academic Supplements

One of the most accessible and inexpensive online learning resources for kids are education hubs. These are websites dedicated to producing and houses educational materials, often for a variety of grade levels. Parents and teachers can expect to see interactive browser games and quizzes, downloadable work material, and even hosted videos with graphics that appeal to the target viewer age. Khan Academy is a solid site that provides a broad variety of information in accessible formats that mimic schoolwork. Many other websites exist for specific grades and subjects, but this one is incredibly popular.

Educational Videos

The next easiest way to engage kids with learning during their downtime is with videos. It is no shock to anyone that schools use outsourced videos to supplement learning and there is no reason the trend can’t continue at home. With many TV channels switching to internet accessible viewing, there are lots of streaming services for dedicated educational material. Services familiar to many parents such as Disney and Netflix are already streaming tons of documentaries. Additionally, there are information oriented streaming services like Curiousitystream.com. YouTube has seen a massive spike in quality over the last ten years and has a massive collection of documentaries and kids' learning media.

PDFs and Worksheets

Finally, there is no shortage of material available to help reinforce learning. A simple google search will reveal dozens of sites featuring workbooks and literature available free access. Material can be downloaded, printed, and worked out of just like the workbooks kids traditionally receive in class. There is also no shortage of scanned or transcribed books for all ages ready to be perused by even the littlest bookworms. Sites like Unite for Literacy collect and store titles and emphasize the importance of reading as one of the most inexpensive online learning resources for kids.

As a parent or teacher it’s normal to worry about kids’ education during these strange times. Fortunately, learning away from school is nothing new. With just a little searching, it is easy to find reliable ways to supplement the education received from remote schooling.

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