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Home Improvement Projects: DIY or Call a Pro?

Home Improvement Projects: DIY or Call a Pro?

There’s nothing like a can-do spirit. Every handy person started out just by trying to fix or build things. When it works, there’s much rejoicing. When it doesn’t, you may have made the situation worse and need a professional to bail you out. That’s the big question with home improvement projects: DIY or call a pro? Read this before you reach for that hammer.

DIY: Paint Walls

Without question, experienced painters will do a better job than you can. They know how to put in the prep work, select the right formulas, prevent bubbling, and keep lines crisp. But if you doubt anyone will be looking that closely at your walls, you can update and freshen colors yourself. You’ll enjoy it, too.

Pro: Install a New Roof

Since this involves working at a great height, it seems like a no-brainer to avoid. But roofing can get so expensive that many home enthusiasts are tempted to try it themselves. Don’t! Even if you don’t fall off the roof and die, the process is more complicated than it looks. And having a pro come in to fix your mistakes will just cost more than it would have in the first place.

DIY: Install Crown Molding

If you want to start learning how to woodwork, this project will help you learn the basics so you can make every room look more elegant. You need to cut the molding to fit your dimensions, but if you’re not ready to handle a saw, employees at a home improvement store can do that for you.

Pro: Open Up the Floor Plan

When homeowners start slinging sledgehammers on HGTV, it looks like good clean fun. But any projects that involve demolishing walls, ceilings, and floors could disturb hazardous materials, especially in older homes. Even if you recognize something like asbestos and know enough to remove it, without the proper equipment and training, you’re putting yourself and your loved ones in danger.

DIY: Re-Stain Cabinets

This is one project you can handle. Updating cabinets has a huge impact on bathrooms and kitchens—the two most critical rooms when it comes to resale value. It requires a bit of staging space since you’ll have to remove doors, hinges, and handles, but this success will give you the confidence to take on other projects.

You’ve got the right idea of tackling home improvement projects. But DIY or call a pro? Err on the side of extreme caution. There’s no shame in having a few limitations. Taking good care of your home doesn’t require you to do it all yourself. Watch and learn how licensed and certified technicians operate, and maybe you’ll learn enough that you can do it yourself next, or you’ll know to dial a professional even faster.

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