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Tips for Making Your Move as Cheap as Possible


Tips for Making Your Move as Cheap as Possible

Moving out of your old home and into a new one is an expensive ordeal. That’s why people are always looking for ways to make the process of moving easier on their bank account. If you need some advice, you are in the right place because we put together our list of tips for making your move as cheap as possible.

Rely Heavily on Friends and Family

Getting people you know to help you move is always cheaper than hiring a company. Most friends and family work for free food, whereas you need to pay a moving company for every hour they work. Plus, people who want to help you out might let you borrow their trailer or large van to ease the burden of having to pay for a rental truck.

Pack Everything That You Can on Your Own

Even though those close to you will want to help, they don’t want to waste their whole weekend doing so. This is even more important if you have to hire someone to help you since they get paid more the longer they are there. That means you’ll have to do a lot of the packing and move boxes on your own. Give yourself enough time to do this, even if it means taking a day or two off work.

Use containers and boxes that you already have lying around the house to pack your stuff. You might even find perfectly good ones at your local grocery store they are about to recycle. Regardless of your method, there are a few ways to get everything packed for free.

Leave the Big Stuff Behind

While this tip for making your move as cheap as possible isn’t always a viable option, it might help, depending on your situation. If you have old or outdated furniture you’ve needed to replace for a while, you shouldn’t pay the money to move it to your new place. Instead, you should get rid of them or sell them, if possible.

Once you get to your new place, go shopping for new furniture. Don’t go overboard—only get what you need. Buy the floor model if you can, or go to a secondhand shop. If the furniture isn’t in the greatest condition, there are affordable things you can do to improve them. One example is if you buy a dingy-looking sofa for a low price, you can buy slipcovers to dress it up and make it look brand-new. All you have to do is ensure that the ones you buy will fit the couch properly.

Do Some Price Shopping

If you have to go with a moving company, make sure you get the best deal by researching all the companies in your area to find the cheapest one. Also, look for any coupons that will make one of the better companies more reasonably priced. Whatever you do, don’t find one and go with it. You might miss out on a great deal that could have saved you hundreds of dollars.

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