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Essential Equipment for a Professional Brewery

Essential Equipment for a Professional Brewery

Establishing and operating a brewery is a dream for many craft brewers, but brewing beer takes hard work, especially when you’re producing on a large scale. Opening your own taproom means you’ll need funding and that usually requires having a detailed business plan. For that, you’ll need to include all the brewery necessities.

Explore this checklist for all the essential equipment for a professional brewery you’ll need so you can create an informed business plan.

Malt Mill

Milling grains is the first step in the brewing process, and you’ll need a malt mill to do this. A malt mill crushes grains to prepare them for brewing.

Mash Tun

A mash tun is the next step of the brewing process. This temperature-controlled machine mixes starches with heated water, transforming the starch into sugar to create the mash.


You’ll also need to choose a filtration method to remove the yeast and other debris from the mash to create the wort, which brewers use to make beer. For this, you’ll have several choices of equipment:

Plate Filters

Plate filters are the most inexpensive option, as they’re essentially cloth-covered plates the brewer pours the mash through to collect the yeast.

Candle Filters

Candle filters is a pressure filter where a filter aid, like cellulose or diatomaceous earth, filters out the unwanted debris from the mash to make the wort.

Heat Exchanger

A heat exchanger heats the beer mixture to create the taste of the beer and to prevent contamination. Heat exchangers provide financial benefits since they save more of the wort and increase the yield of beer.

Beer Fermenter

A beer fermenter is the most important part of the brewing process, beginning the process of turning the wort into drinkable beer. You’ll want to think about your budget, the type of fermenter, and the size.


A hydrometer determines the sugar content in the wort, the alcohol content, and tracks the effectiveness of the yeast during fermentation.

Brite Tank

You’ll also need a storage tank to allow the wort to ferment even longer. You’ll need a brite tank for this step.

Miscellaneous Brewery Items

You’ll also need other materials and equipment to operate the brewery that don’t directly affect the brewing of beer. Items like pumps are necessary to transfer liquid from one vat to another. You’ll also need valves to control the flow. And you’ll need a drainage system with floor drains to remove spilled liquids and debris. You’ll also need cellar and packaging equipment to store and ship the beer.

Understanding all the essential equipment for a professional brewery before creating a business plan is a necessary step in securing funding for your dream.

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