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The Top Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Own a Car


The Top Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Own a Car

Lots of people have their own car, which can make those of us who don’t feel like we’re doing something wrong. However, there are many arguments that can be made against owning a car, and that’s why this article will be about the top reasons why you shouldn’t own a car.

They’re a Money Sinkhole

Let’s get the big one out of the way: cars cost way too much money. Not only are they a massive upfront cost but between insurance payments, gas bills, and governmental costs, they can quickly eat up a considerable portion of your yearly salary. If you didn’t own a car, all of those expenses would vanish overnight.

They’re Not as Useful as We Think

Cars are not as useful as many people think. They may counter this by saying cars are a necessity you must have. However, thanks to ridesharing apps, traveling is easier and cheaper than ever. The amount of money you’d likely spend on those services will be significantly less than owning a car. Plus, if you’re in a city, you’ll have trains and buses as options.

There are other things that they’re not necessary for either. For example, most people assume you need a car for a big move, but it’s surprisingly easy to do one without a car.

They Take Up a Lot of Space

Many cities are running out of room for the cars people own. If you live in a city, the last thing you want to do is add another payment to your list of expenses. The idea of cars taking up too much space is relevant even in small towns.

If you have a garage, it probably takes up a decent amount of your house’s square footage. Imagine if you could use that space for something other than your vehicle. You could turn it into a workshop, a library, or a game room. There are endless possibilities.

They’re Bad for the Environment

One of the top reasons why you shouldn’t own a car is because they’re bad for the environment. No one can truly disagree with this fact. Their carbon emissions are some of the highest humans produce, so not personally contributing to that would be a great mark of pride.

Their Days Are Numbered

Some experts believe the days of the car are becoming more and more limited. Driverless cars are on their way, and services people can get from ridesharing apps are about to become prominent and cheaper. This will make the need to own a personal vehicle even more unnecessary.

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