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How To Ensure You Get Your Security Deposit When Moving Out


How To Ensure You Get Your Security Deposit When Moving Out

Moving out of your apartment is a stressful process involving planning, setting up, and consideration for when you leave the apartment. How you leave your apartment on the move-out day will determine how much of your security deposit you receive. You’ll need to take actions that will ensure you have the best chance of receiving as much as possible.

Know Your Lease

Read your lease thoroughly to ensure you know what your landlord looks at when you move out. Your landlord may try to assert something you may have done or not done in the event of you moving out. Knowing what your lease says will help you challenge what they say and protect your claim to your security deposit.

Clean and Repair the Apartment

Many landlords will try to deduct the amount of money they owe you from the security deposit by considering the amount of damage or cleaning left when you move out. Certain parts of the apartment, including the toilet, oven, and even the ceiling fan, will require effort to clean by the landlord or whoever they hire. The landlord may try to take that cost of labor out of your security deposit to save themselves money.

They will also consider the cost of repairs for any damaged flooring or holes in the walls. To ensure you get your security deposit back when moving out, make sure the entire apartment is as clean and put together as when you initially moved in. Taking these steps is part of the moving checklist for those who plan to become new residents at a new apartment.

Make a Copy of Your Move-Out Notice

When you move out, you’ll need to notify your landlord that you are moving out by a specific date; this date is dependent on what the lease states. If your landlord requires a month’s notice, you will need to ensure that they have a copy of that notice before that month’s notice begins.

To ensure you get your security deposit back when moving out, make sure you have your copy so the landlord can’t deny they never received a copy. You have tangible proof for the courts if you need to fight for your right to the security deposit.

Follow Through on Your Request

You will need to put in a request for your security deposit to receive it; it is not legally owed to you. Once you move out, make sure you follow up with your former landlord to see if they have sent it to you.

Ensuring your security deposit is safe and in your hands may take some work and require attention to detail. But once you have your money in your hands, it will feel like a great relief in your new home.

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